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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Proud Tradition of Suck (The History of Oklahoma)

Like I've said before: if you need a thumbnail sketch of something that would take a long time to learn with "books" or "school," just come on over to Prevail and Ride. We're like the Cliff's Notes of life. Except we add more dicks.

Much more solid gold regarding the suckitude of Oklahoma and the "University" thereof at Shaggybevo.


  1. I find it interesting that this is posted a day after a UCLA team, who lost to K-State and got embarrassed by Stanford, embarrassed Texas at DKR. Speaking of K-State it's been 7 years since Texas defeated them.

  2. Well much appreciated "Some Guy." Apparently you don't follow much of Texas Longhorns. This is what we do: underachieve with more talent than anyone else. But thank you for joining the conversation. You a K-State homer?

  3. Q: Which Big XII teams have defeated K-State since 2004?

    A: All of them except Texas.

    You should just accept that Texas isn't going to be very good this year and finishing 7-5 isn't out of the question. No I'm not a K-State fan.