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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CFB Offseason Review - IN MS PAINT

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Don't get it? Well then you apparently aren't a huge internet sports nerd.


Les Miles.

Taint Forcier.





  1. thujone... as a loyal CU fan you are the only thing about the big 12 i will miss...furk

  2. That was fucking masterful. I can't even pick my favorite part... Prolly blockhead chizik.

    Huge black dick= racist. Blecks dont like to racism

  3. Terrell Pryor has an American Picker had me rolling.

  4. Brilliant. Absolutely fucking brilliant.

  5. damn that is some funny shit! Very well done my friend.

  6. You left out the part where the force of The Chin made the NCAA Demon Spawn bitch's face melt. The Chin is all powerful! All hail The Chin!!

    Fabulous job. You absolutely made my week, and if that is not a sad commentary on my pathetic life during the offseason, then I don't know what is.

  7. Hilarious stuff but you left waaaaayyyyyy too much out.

    - Nothing about tattoos?
    - No Paul Finebaum, SportsbyBrooks or Clay Travis?
    - Ummm...Stephen Garcia and his pissin' QB coach?
    - Auburn's Felon Four dominating the Fulmer Cup?

    Oh and Jen, you must be confused on how the Chin's conversation went with NCAA lady. To put it mildly, NCAA walked out of that conference with a brand new pair Chiz-nuts earrings and all the Chin got was an ice pack wrapped in one Trupa's Towels

  8. Fucking hilarious man. Didn't realize you have your own blog, I always got linked to your stuff via BHGP. Good to know I don't have to be a member of those boards to try to keep up on your work!

  9. Nothing about K-State beating Texas? Again?? :)

    Excellent work! as always

  10. Awesome artworks you've got there!

    You should consider posting some at Paint Avant-Garde. We're a community of MS Paint artists such as yourself.