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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some of You Penn State Guys, Geez

You know, it's shocking to see these guys still defending their school's actions in the wake of perhaps the largest kid-rape coverup since...well, whenever the last Catholic rape scandal occurred. Look at this from the Ticket City Bowl on Monday:

Anyway, legendary Texas sports board Shaggybevo sent an "operative" to the Bowl game featuring Penn State dressed as Pedo Bear. All awesomeness ensued and an epic thread was made epic-er as reactions came in.

One of the predictable responses to the Pedo Bear incident was the misinterpretation of the prank by Pennsylvania homers who still live in 1993 and get their email (if at all) through Eudora. Check the thread for their reactions, but this is how I see it playing out.

Again, the thread is here.


  1. hilarious. you sir, are a genius.

  2. Fuck. I'm guessin' that map is a product of Ped State? I mean, on accounta it shows MA underneath Penntucky, 'steada off to the right somewhere, where most folks know it's at.