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Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Does Your School Treat Its Fans?

Here's how Texas treats its baseball fans. One large group of fans has been watching the games through the chain-link fence in the outfield. Sure, they're a bunch of freeloaders, but they're supporting the team. Now the ADMINISTRATION has put up a giant piece of plywood in a most petty way to block these super fans from seeing the game. This isn't an isolated incident of Texas treating its fans in a substandard manner. We have Zombie Nation now at the football games along with six dollar sausage wraps and a godzillatron filled with ads.

University of Texas: We'll Pee on You.


  1. Nice. You can also use this drawaing when illustrating the LHN

  2. LHN is the biggest sham since the Flowbee.

  3. you need to edit that paragraph. many of the fans out in LF are actually season ticket holders and just prefer the atmosphere outside the gates. frankly, they're just alcoholics...but still. not all are freeloaders.

    1. Prevail and Ride Regrets the error regarding the Freeloaders in left field. Some of them are season-ticket holders and opt to simply freeload off of their friends' beer and hotdogs.

  4. LHN is more like the "Slap Chop" massively advertised but never seen. I've actually seen a Flowbee before.

  5. I doubt closing the left field berm had anything to do with freeloading or ticket sales. It did have everything to do with smokey grills, massive loud speakers, loud obnoxious drunks,and huge messes of beer cans scattered all over the place being constantly left there. I loved going to berm to slam a beer socialize and watch some the game, but that situation has been out of control for several years now.

  6. We may not get a ton right in terms of fan experience, but when Cal's Memorial Stadium rebuild plans came out that would dramatically affected the viewing experience at Tightwad Hill (, there was enough of an outcry to alter the designs.