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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Shamepaint for Baylor


  1. Meh. Step up yo game

  2. A- for creativity
    D+ for effort

  3. God damnit I love you Thujone fuck these pussy boys above me

  4. Honestly, the dude has a kid and he doesn't have much time for drawing dicks anymore. That doesn't mean you fuckers need to criticize him for it. I'm a Duck, I have no race in the Big 12, but P&R is easily one of the funniest fucking things I have seen. If the new shit doesn't get you, go back and look at the drunken mac n cheese or the business trip. Or just look up. It's all fucking funny.

    Thank you Thujone for all you do. Good luck with the kid. Looking forward to any gold you might post in the future. I hope the Big 12 expands and opens up some OOC so y'all get to get the rivalry game back.

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